Meet Mark

I’m Mark Dantzer and I enjoy making music, listening to music and mixing (you guessed it) music. I’ve been a wedding & event DJ and MC for over 20 years, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Beyond mixing it up at weddings and events, I also host music trivia nights (Big Bad Music Trivia) all over Columbus and I host a music podcast called Rock And Roll Book Club.

I created RockOn! Columbus because over the years I have met, worked with and trained many event entertainers in Ohio. After finding myself turning away one too many party hopefuls due to being booked solid, I wanted to provide DJ alternatives that I knew could make the right music.

So, to make sure anyone who calls me looking for a good time can receive the party they want, I have chosen a select few DJs with superior mixing skills and industry know-how to be a part of RockOn! Columbus. Bringing all this talent together in one place means it’s easier for you to find the best DJs in the Columbus area.

After you choose a RockOn! DJ, the next step is to chat, face-to-face or on the phone to discuss the key beginning details. A more specific music/timeline meeting is scheduled closer to the event date. Your DJ collaborates with you to ake sure the music at your event is finely-tuned and ready to rock (or bounce…or thump—whatever you prefer). I can’t wait to learn about your favorite music and how we can make your event the unforgettable party of the year.